The Art of Phone Interviewing
The Art of Phone Interviewing
Tips and Strategies for a Successful Job Interview
Perfect Bound Softcover
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As an applicant, do you wonder why you never receive a return call after a phone interview? You have the experience and knowledge the position demands, but you can't get past that phone screener? Do you lack the knowledge and skill needed to control an interview? As a hiring manager, do you need to know how to analyze a resume? Are you seeking tips and strategies on how to interview applicants over the phone, and subsequently choose the right candidate?

Whether you are a person looking for a job or the person responsible for the hiring, this book provides:

  • Tips and strategies needed to prepare for, and conduct a successful phone interview.
  • How to understand responses an applicant gives when answering questions about their experience, skills and knowledge.
  • The real meaning behind questions asked by an interviewer and how to respond to them.
  • The main reason an applicant never receives a callback and how to improve the odds of getting that return call.

You never know when your company will close its doors, downsize, or decide your services are no longer needed. Prepare for your next career opportunity today by using this book to improve the chances of successfully getting that next job.

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The author has been in the hospitality and educational field for over 25 years. He has taught students, adults and professionals on resume writing and interviewing techniques. He has interviewed and hired thousands of individuals from hourly workers to vice presidents of major companies. This book will not attempt to discuss how to interview in a face to face situation. There are many excellent books already on the market. This book will help you prepare for and successfully complete a phone interview. This is the first step in getting that job you always wanted whether you have been downsized or looking to make a career change. It offers tips and strategies to help you prepare for and answer questions so you can provide the right responses.

If it's your job to interview people for a company position, this book offers strategies to help you determine if an applicant is right for your company by recommending questions to ask and how to analyze their responses.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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