To Live Deliberately
To Live Deliberately
Ten Secrets to a Successful and Fulfilling Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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To Live Deliberately is a personal growth book. It is the narrative account of a likable young man who, over the course of a summer, becomes slowly and painfully aware that his life is heading nowhere. As he begins to observe those around him, he realizes that, like most people, he has "ended up" in his present situation without really knowing how he got there. He makes a few perfunctory efforts to analyze his life and take control, but it soon becomes apparent that he has no idea what to do.

In the midst of his internal struggle, the young man finds a mentor who imparts ten "truths" to him, which help him break from his mediocrity. These "truths" are unique, like nothing currently in print. They are ground-breaking philosophical principles with real-world applications which any reader can follow. The novel ends on an extremely optimistic note, with the protagonist profoundly changed and embarked upon a new and exciting course in his life.

To Live Deliberately deals with some very important issues: conformity, individualism, and self-determination. It is written in a fresh, contemporary, often humorous, and sometimes sardonic style, designed to enthrall, galvanize, and change the reader. Anyone who applies the ten truths can fundamentally change his or her life.

Today, people want to make sense of their place in modern society and culture. They want truth they can apply, and this book will give it to them. It delves into some very meaningful issues without being preachy. It is fun and easy to read without being overladen with theory. Overall, it is what modern thinking individuals are starving for.

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Over the last fifteen years, I have lived and studied in the U.S, Canada, and France. I have worked as a laborer, a financial consultant, and most recently, for the last nine years, an English and History instructor. My wife of fifteen years is also an English and History instructor. Our child is almost two.

My wife and I live mainly in Prince George, a city of 75,000 in the center of British Columbia. During the summer, we spend a lot of time at our lakeside cottage, and in winter, we live in Southern California.

I have spent much of my life analyzing how society has created myths that steal our freedom and undermine our individuality. I am not interested in haranguing against the evils of society. Instead, I want to explore optimistic, practical lifestyle alternatives designed to help people achieve a measure of peace and freedom. I believe very strongly in the principles outlined in my book. I know from experience that they work, and I want to disseminate them to the best of my ability.

Matthew Shaw



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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