Mortimer and the Powerful Sword
Mortimer and the Powerful Sword
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Mortimer's daydreaming again. But when he finds a pointy stick in the woodpile, he can't resist the urge to challenge a menacing dragon with his new powerful sword. Only when he calls on the name of the King does Mortimer realize that he, and his pointy stick, are transformed to fight a man-eating troll, vicious pirates, an evil Queen and more.

These are only the beginning of Mortimer's adventures as he seeks to find the treasure of gold while avoiding assassins and spies. Join Mortimer and his friends as he searches for the King of the Western Lands, and prepares for the epic battle that will determine the fate of all.

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Kevin Kurtz began storytelling at an early age as he acted out the characters he had seen on television. One day he could be Batman, the next day a pirate, cowboy, or astronaut. His adventures were as big as his imagination.

He would draw from these childhood memories to create stories that entertain children. He has had the privilege of watching a child's eyes widen with excitement as they have listened to his storytelling.

A curious thing has happened in the development of this story, adults love the "Mortimer" characters too, and are caught up in Mortimer's thrilling adventures.

Kevin continues to stretch his ability to paint with words, dabbling in a variety of genres and styles. But he always comes back to the story close to his heart, "Mortimer".

Kevin is inspired and encouraged by his family; wife, Wendy, and two sons, Michael and Andrew.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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