Chopsticks Acupuncture
Chopsticks Acupuncture
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Chopsticks Acupuncture is the ultimate self-treatment technique. It makes use of acupuncture, probably the most sophisticated medical system ever invented, in a way that has never been tried before. In this book, Shmuel Halevi details a comprehensive self-treatment program, for many disease syndromes, ranging from simple backache to heart conditions. There are many acupuncture-profession inner-chamber secrets too in this book, being exposed to the public. The knowledge of how to invert your fetus position in case of a "breech" mal-position, or how to resuscitate from drowning or syncope, and more. All these are being brought forward to the wide public in a detailed, illustrated format, that can turn every reader into an efficient self-healer.

Dr. Halevi is a well known Chinese medicine expert. His articles for professional acupuncture practitioners, have been published in the past 20 years both on the internet as well as high leading acupuncture magazines. He is reputed for his unique medical approach, and for his outstanding innovations in the practice of acupuncture. His innovation on acupuncture eye treatments by snail-shell-moxibustion, for instance (, or his special technique of fire-needling acupuncture (, are being used today by many acupuncturists throughout the world.

Also Chopsticks Acupuncture is a unique contribution to the field, invented by Shmuel Halevi. This time though, the development of this technique is aimed at the wide public, rather than the professional circles. By this method, people are given an amazingly effective tool, enabling them to take care, by themselves, of many painful syndromes, as well as other functional disorders. The system makes use of the most effective acupuncture points, manipulating them powerfully to a degree of effectiveness surpassing by large other existing forms of acu-pressure. The method is very easy to master, no prior medical education is required, and the results, at least for painful syndromes, are usually immediate.

At the beginning of his book, Shmuel presents a few explanatory chapters about Chinese medicine. These introductory chapters acquaint the reader with the history and development of acupuncture, and with the basics of Chinese medical philosophy and physiology. This knowledge is brought forward in simple language, for the benefit of the interested lay person. Still, it encompasses (in short) most of the basic concepts and terminology of Chinese medicine, necessary for the lay-reader to take a full advantage of this practical book.

The main body of the book is organized in anatomically ordered chapters. Head and senses disorders, upper limbs, trunk and internal organs, lower limbs and systemic and general health problems. Every disease syndrome has an introductory section, explaining the disorder in terms of Chinese medicine energetic concepts. Then a prescription of acu-points for treatment is suggested, to be used with the Chopsticks stimulation. Every acu-point is summarized for the sake of general knowledge, as well as for its appropriate utilization by the Chopsticks Acupuncture technique. The points are fully illustrated, showing their exact anatomical locations, as well as their proper handling with the stick stimulation.

This book is undoubtedly a must-have for people who wish and are able to take full responsibility for their health and well-being. It is also a jewel for those interested in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, as a general predilection. And, above all... it will teach you how to resolve your lumbago problem in such a short time that will cause your G.P. puzzlement and disbelief...

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Shmuel Halevi was born in Israel in 1951.

He has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1980, after graduating the "North American College of Acupuncture". In 1984 Shmuel traveled to Taipei, Taiwan, where he received additional training in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Shmuel was one of the very first practitioners of T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in Israel. Both his clinics are situated in the northern mountainous part of Israel, in the Upper Galilee. His patients are Jews, Arabs, Bedouins and Druse - the inhabitants of this part of Israel. Speaking also fluent Arabic, Shmuel was exposed to a variety of other popular healing methods, typical to the traditional societies of this region.

In the past 20 years Shmuel has written many articles concerning Chinese medicine, both in Hebrew and English. Most of his articles in English were published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine in England, a journal reputed for its high standards and worldwide distribution. Mr. Peter Deadman, the publisher of this journal, has thus written about Shmuel in the introduction to the journal number 66, of June 2001:

..."Shmuel Halevi has written a number of especially popular acupuncture articles for the Journal. Here, he points out that articles on sexual disorders are relatively rare in the Chinese medicine field, and focuses on a single patient suffering from genital pain and dyspareunia. His diagnostic approach and differentiation are meticulous and his acupuncture approach subtle and refined, incorporating the use of the extraordinary channels and a modified form of the fire needle technique".

In 1996 Shmuel was requested by Hugh MacPherson and Ted Kaptchuck to contribute a chapter to their book: Acupuncture in Practice - Case History Insights from the West. The book was first published in 1997 (Churchill Livingstone Inc.), containing 40 articles by the 40 leading acupuncturists of the western side of the globe. Here is an excerpt from the foreword by Giovanni Maciocia to this book: ..."Acupuncture in Practice is the first book to present the clinical practice of experienced Western acupuncturists, spanning a wide range of traditions, school of thought and techniques, and ranging from the treatment of acne to that of possession. I believe this makes it one of the most important acupuncture books ever published in the west".

Shmuel has also established his presence on the Internet since 1994. In fact, his was one of the first sites about acupuncture on the WWW. His web page changed addresses and names several times during these years, and since 1998 has this address: On the Internet Shmuel posted many of his articles, both in Hebrew and English. There is also a section of medical suggestions for self treatment, for people suffering from various health disorders. His Ph.D. dissertation may also be found on this web page, and on a dozen of other web addresses, most of which have copied it with permission.

Both in his articles for Chinese medical practitioners over the years, as well as in this book, Shmuel is unique in his personal insight and innovative approach. The self treatment technique presented in this new book is simple, yet extremely effective and powerful. It combines the unparalleled potency of classical acupuncture with simple tools and manipulations method, available for almost anybody, of almost any age.

Excellent book. The introduction about Chinese medicine is fascinating and very clear. What's more important, I managed to get rid of my stubborn and chronic bachache using thr techniques described on this book. Also my wife got much better with her frequent headaches. My only ctitique would be the sketches and images describing the acupoints location, could have been larger. Great book!
A. Jonas 


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