Roots of Despair
Roots of Despair
Evolution and the Death of Morality
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Is morality real? Is there a universal morality that exists beyond opinion and circumstance?

If evolution is correct, then the answer to these questions is an obvious and unequivocal "NO." If Darwin was right, then what we call morality is simply the physical result of billions of random accidents, and that is that.

This simple truth is at the root of the decay and despair that surrounds us. Grasping this fact allows those of us who believe in a supernatural source of morality to better love and minister to those lost in the moral wasteland that Darwinism inevitably leaves behind. For those who do not believe in the supernatural, this book will show how irrational it is to cling to the impossible notion of morality as truth, and, perhaps, give them a better understanding of the overwhelming cacophony of moral views that we find in our modern world.

In Roots of Despair, you will...

Investigate the most obvious flaws in the theory of evolution. What if Darwin was wrong?
Examine a theory of God that more closely explains what many (if not most) people believe.
Learn about "The tragedy of what is", and how it affects every aspect of our modern life. What if Darwin was right?
Come to understand that the biblical Christian response to those caught up in the hopelessness of today's moral relativism is not politics or name calling, but the simple, sincere response of Christ Himself: Unwarranted, unconditional, unlimited love - WDJD?

If you find yourself wondering how things got so bad, and what you can do about it, then this book belongs in your library.

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Bill Weaks was an atheist until age 34, when supernatural events in his life led him to acknowledge the existence and supremacy of the God found in the Christian Bible.

As an atheist (and for some time afterwards) he wholeheartedly agreed with the theory of evolution, though he was - as many evolutionists continue to be - blissfully unaware of the many flaws in the theory itself.Ê Some years after becoming a Christian, he reexamined the evidence and is now convinced that the theory is fatally flawed by its own internal demands of uniformitarianism and minute changes aggregating over time to add information to the genome.

Bill is married with three children, and is an author, musician and songwriter. He has a life-long, nearly insatiable appetite for reading and learning. He has also been a professional programmer for over 20 years, and currently makes his living as the Director of MIS for a manufacturing company.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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