Ireland's Belleek
Ireland's Belleek
A Collector's Reference Guide
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The book represents the staggering variety of some 400 rare and unusual pieces of Irish Belleek that were part of a 4,400 piece collection assembled by one private collector. The book is a personal reference guide of estimated prices and values. This delicate creamy delicious looking china from Ireland has been the favorite collection of Kings and Queens since it's origination in 1858. Today the china is sought by millions of collectors throughout the world who have a real thirst to possess something truly beautiful.

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A native to Houston, Texas, Horace Manning Mann was of Irish descent on his father's side of the family. After graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, he served with the Special Forces during World War II. Later, after the war, he became deeply involved in the oil business and the final years of his career were spent managing his public warehousing business in Texas.

It was during a visit to Canada in the early 1940's that a business associate, reputedly the Duke of Windsor, suggested that Mann buy gifts of Belleek for clients and friends. His World War II service afforded him an opportunity to travel extensively, always searching for the special piece of Belleek to add to his collection, and this advantage continued after the war in the oil profession. Thus, a deep-rooted love and appreciation for for collecting Belleek began as a token gesture for gift-giving and matured to a virtual obsession - so great his passion for collecting and acquiring knowledge in the field.

Dealers and collectors alike will remember Horace Manning Mann for his warmth and devotion to this specialized area of collecting; for his unselfish efforts to share his appreciation and knowledge of Belleek; and it is in honor of these special qualities and to his memory that this catalogue is dedicated.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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