Vibrational Vitality
Vibrational Vitality
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An in-depth look at a powerful 21st Century healing system, exposing invisible Bio-Energy Fields and their major influence on our physical health and sense of well-being.

Dr. Ronald Polack, as a chiropractor, discovered energy in healing and over many years developed 'no force' healing techniques; all of which led him to pioneer Vibrational Healing, a natural means of clearing and balancing Bio-Energy Fields. When these Fields are blocked by the daily hazards of trauma and stress in our lives, our bodies and minds are restricted from their full expression of health.

Dr. Polack describes the working of Bio-Energy Fields, natural magnetism, how our bodies are designed, the magnificent way they function, and cycles of the healing journey. Vibrational Healing is outlined, with examples given, and remarkable results of his work with Distance Healing are quoted.

This book opens new understanding and outlines steps you can take to get well and stay well, through a clear free-flowing Bio-Energy Field.

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A graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Dr. Ronald Polack opened his Toronto practice in 1957. It grew quickly as people, unable to have their ailments relieved by traditional methods, showed up at his door. During his treatment of them he became sensitive to an energy-force surrounding each one. At times changes occurred in long-standing conditions even before a physical course of treatment was started. He was intrigued. A life-force synergy between him and his patients somehow healed them, and the results were often as miraculous to him as to his patients. He then developed energy exchange/creative touch which produced even greater results. His years of study and practice in "no force" healing methods has led him to a greater understanding of Bio-Energy Fields and their huge impact on our health and living.

Because they wanted to make a difference in society, Dr. Polack and his wife, June, traveled widely to conduct healing seminars and Art of Living classes. Dr. Polack has given lectures and seminars throughout North America, Europe, and South Africa. He also co-coordinated Men's Intensive programs at rural locations in North America, France, Australia and New Zealand; these open and frank formats awakened men to their greater potential in living and in leadership.

In 1973 the couple drew together a nucleus of people on a farm property near Vancouver. This community excelled in developing a welcoming, home atmosphere for those seeking healing and inspiration. People from around the globe attended their residential Art of Living classes, some for as long as two months.

Today, Dr. Polack practices Vibrational Healing in his Vancouver office where he enjoys working with people, one on one. He also conducts Power Living/Power Healing workshops and delivers public talks. He has lectured to students at the Boucher Institute Of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster, B.C.

Some health professionals have called Dr. Polack a healer for healers. He has the ability to relate to a broad spectrum of people. This unique faculty has been honed to a fine art over his 50 years as a health professional and mentor.

Ronald and June Polack are parents of five children and enjoy their several grandchildren.



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