Max Does It Again
Max Does It Again
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Max likes the idea of having a pet frog named Bean in his room. He doesn't realize how much havoc the frog Bean can create, until the creature escapes multiple times. Bean not only stirs up home problems, but he causes a few school problems, too. Will Max find a way to smooth over the school problems? Will he change his parents' minds about the usefulness of such a pet?

Not only does Max have problems with Bean, but with his friends, also. His friends wonder why he doesn't appear at all the football and soccer games. With a great deal of persistence and hard work, Max sets out to do something special with Bean that may solve his problems. Read to find out if Max's ideas pay off.

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Patricia Cruzan writes children's books and poetry. Her other children's books are Molly's Mischievous Dog and Tall Tales of the United States. In Sketches of Life, she creates word sketches about school, travel, the seasons, and Christianity.

After graduating from Tift College, Patricia taught elementary school in several locations. She also performed vocal concerts throughout the United States and in Australia. She did graduate work at Georgia State College and University.

Patricia enjoys reading and writing. She lives in Georgia with her husband and dog.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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