One Gorilla's Rebellion
One Gorilla's Rebellion
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ONE GORILLA'S REBELLION by Joseph P. Shuman is a satirical and cynical look at contemporary management. The author takes you on a captivating romp through the dark side of employment. At the center is an old, tired joke about managers with a serious twist.

Four friends unexpectedly reunite with the author. They express regret at failing an old teacher after his funeral. Seeing self-disappointment, the author tells the 25-year old gorilla story.

The fable analogizes workers to confined animals, a popular theme in contemporary management books. An ill-conceived experiment leaves the gorillas abandoned. The janitor arranging their rescue makes a pointed and humorous observation about managers.

The friends readily relate themselves to gorillas in the story. They then question the author's "gorilladom." This provides the author an opportunity to discuss experiences with good and bad management.

Shuman says, "Employees, as customers of management, needed a voice for their rebellion against an unstoppable tide of management 'how-to' books. I am that voice, simply because I am not a gorilla!" He is a US Navy veteran with over 25 years of experience in Safety and Hazardous Materials MANAGEMENT (oh well!).

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Joe welcomes you the story of a gorilla in rebellion.

He joined the US Navy at 17 for six years. His subsequent professional career has been in the areas of Safety and Hazardous Materials Management. He ran the spectrum of employment, from an entry-level technician to supervisor, program manager, and senior site manager.

He writes in order to maintain his sanity, having an incurable albeit manageable case of insomnia. He admits, borrowing the immortal words of Warren Zevon, "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

Married and the father of three boys, one insane beagle and a free-roaming Carolina box turtle, Joe spends his spare time working on an MA in Theology.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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