My Twin
My Twin
The Story of My Life and My Deep Love for My Wife
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The story opens by describing my life in Baltimore before meeting my wife Ruth. In mid-adolescence, I become aware of a strong inner feeling that tells me that the right girl is waiting for me and all I have to do is find her. As an only child, I am really very lonely and anxious for the companionship of the right girl. I spend a lot of time searching for her and getting mixed up with the wrong girls. I do indeed find her and discover that she is a twin. I begin to date her and court her. I find that I am not at all attracted to her twin sister. Thus begins my education on the unusual world of twins and the difficulty of getting along with them. My relationship with Ruth rapidly develops into true love. I develop a very close relationship with Ruth's family. Our love is tested when I am drafted into the Korean War. After the war, it takes a few years for our lives to settle down. We get married in 1957 and live with her twin sister and mother. Having always lived with her twin sister and family, our married life cannot be described as normal. Ruth's twin sister gets married and also lives with us. Then, Ruth and I have two children. Our household is crowded! The story describes the many changes and adjustments necessary over the years to survive our unusual life with emphasis on the enduring true love between Ruth and I. It is our enduring true love that enabled us to not only survive, but to lead a life of happiness that was far above and beyond normal.

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I am a retired engineer that worked for NOAA and NASA. Part of my expertise is technical writing and I have many scientific and technical publications. In writing My Twin I had to make the difficult transition from technical writing to writing in conversational English. I find it difficult to generate fiction since my career has been all about writing facts in precise and accurate terms. However, I find it easy to write non-fiction as my own or other people's actual experiences. I still work part time at NASA. I enjoy writing and find it relaxing.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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