The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle
The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle
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It is hard to believe the remarkable life of Emily Chesley has been overlooked by historians and literary researchers. Long before H.G. Wells penned The War of the Worlds, Emily Chesley's prose was shattering Victorian assumptions and tweaking the nose of the class structure. An author, poet, social activast, explorer, aviatrix, and 92-year-old pole vaulter, Emily Chesley is one of Canada's most interesting - and neglected - writers. This literary travesty has finally been remedied by the Emily Chesley Reading Circle.

Following five years of exhaustive research, the Circle presents the first issue of its semi-annual Meanderings; this extraordinary collection contains an abridges excerpt from Emily's biography, Get Bent: Emily's Life of Speculation. The Circle also presents some of Emily's short stories and peotry- including a previously unpublished manuscript, "Thor's Blood"- and six award winning stories from their annual literary competition, The Tundra Prize.

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The Emily Chesley Reading Circle is a group of "scholars" and bonvivants pledged to further the study of Emily Chesley. They are fond of "reading" at "libraries". You can learn more about the individual members at their website:


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