Crispell Family In America
Crispell Family In America
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The families represented in this book, fourteen generations, and over 10 500 people, were started 343 years ago; soon after Antoine Crispell and his wife Maria arrived in America and settled in Kingston, NY; 1660.

Because this book is partly a republication, including introductions and credits from the prior books, many historical facts will be found as you read further.

In Volume I of this three volume book, we've included additional history and interesting materials prepared by Lew Crispell, Sharon Robinson, and Roger Crispell, former Presidents of our family association. Diane Crispell also contributed important material. Special thanks go to David Baker, Historian for the Village of Hurley who contributed to our meetings and added noteworthy articles about Crispells and early life in Hurley. Important to us because it was in Hurley that the group who went south and founded New Paltz, first settled.

In 1677 the group bought several thousand acres from the Esopus Indians, and on what is now Hugenot Street, they built stone houses, a church, started families and established what is now a National Historic District; a living museum, properly referred to as "The oldest street in America with its original stone houses."

By the fourth generation descendants began to migrate to outlying areas and family groups were established in Pennsylvania and in 'upstate New York', specifically the Caroline Valley and Slaterville Springs, near Ithica.

Our Cripell Family Association was founded in 1966; one of several, each with the purpose to preserve their historic homes and family trees. Our mission was the replication of the 1717 French Church, completed in 1972, now identified as "The French Church (Crispell Memorial)."

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