A to Z of Comical Poems and Jokes
A to Z of Comical Poems and Jokes
Perfect Bound Softcover
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You have found it! The book for everybody. You will be appreciated if you give this as a present at Christmas, birthdays, holidays or any day. Perhaps you would prefer to keep and read it yourself. Imagine the fun you could add to parties by launching into one of these witty verses.

As easy to learn as any nursery rhyme. Each page yells out to be recited at any gathering of people. Wheter you like to cheer people up with a fun filled present or become the soul of the party this book is for you.

The entertainer's nightmare is how to follow up if your audience cheer for more. No problem. Even when you finish reciting your favourite poem you will have an immediate encore prepared with a couple of jokes to follow.

This is the book for you or somebody you know and like.

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Born in Dublin where wit and charm become second nature, Tony Dawson enjoys giving people a good laugh.

Before karaoke machines were invented Tony enjoyed getting up on stage at a sing-a-long. Taking a popular song he would spin the words into a comical ditty much to the enjoyment of his fun loving audience.

This would seem in sharp contrast to his chosen profession of air radio engineer. Here exacting, serious consideration is required for people's safety. Perhaps there is no difference. It seems the same consideration of words has been applied to these poems.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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