My Greatest Years
My Greatest Years
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"The General" Writes a Book Mike Mattos who is better known as "The General", "The Tank Man" or the "Wire Man" has just released his autobiography, My Greatest Years. For years he has been a familiar local celebrity in the Modesto, California 4th of July parades, where he drives his famous Red, White & Blue tank wearing his chrome helmet. He pops wheelies, spins donuts and shoots bubble gum and candy out the cannon for kids throughout the parade route. Learn how this fun loving, thrill seeking entrepreneur worked only six and a half months and partied for five and a half months per year. He tells how he built a better product and beat the biggest steel companies in the world by using better marketing skills and a quality product. He then took on the US Patent office and got a patent and a trademark when they said it could not be done. He also sold fishing lures all over the world by simply using free publicity. In this book he tells you how he did all this. He gives you money saving tips in his "Quick Facts" and "Words of Wisdom" sections. He also tells you how to avoid getting a traffic ticket when pulled over by the Highway Patrol. You will find this information in his "Ticket Saving Tips" section. This book is interesting, provocative, entertaining, humorous and contains a wealth of information that anyone can use. "Just one money saving tip can save you many times the small cost of this most interesting book".
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Mike Mattos who is also known as "The General", spent a tour of duty in the Military which accounts for his fascination with military vehicles. When he returned to civilian life he started a baling wire business on his small ranch and soon became the second largest producer in the West Coast. He sold everything from baler wire to wigs, bras and even fishing lures to heads of State throughout the world. Talk about a varied product line he sure had it. He drove his Army Tank down the streets of San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento. He never asks permission. He just does it. He found out a long time ago that it is far better to ask forgiveness than permission! His business card says "Have Tank Will Travel" and that is exactly what he does. He has worked in several movies, been featured in national magazines, TV networks and even won an Emmy Award for his performance on CBS television. This is the true story of this fun loving thrill seeking entrepreneur!


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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