Honey, I Promise!
Honey, I Promise!
A Story of Love
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Lillian's life story is told by Rick Minerd, a retired chief of police. He tells a story that is wrapped around her own personal diary, one that was discovered amongst her belongings after her passing. The author approaches it from the perspective of a police officer, one who is trained to relate to the circumstances of spousal abuse and domestic violence. He draws knowledge of situations like Lillian’s from his many years of seeing it on the job as well as up-close and personal outside of work. "Honey, I Promise!" and other stories like it are a problem that police officers everywhere must deal with on a daily basis. In Lillian's story the author places himself into her world and attempts to dissect her diary which leaves the reader begging for eventual justice and hopefully a happy ending. But does it ever come? Moreover, what, if any role does the author have in it?
Lillian's story can be told by countless other women who have at some time in their life found themselves in situations of physical, as well as mentally abusive circumstances. With unending feelings of hopelessness and surrendering any hope of finding their way out. Her story follows her from a little girl trying to belong. First in foster homes, then as a teenager growing up during the Great Depression in Cleveland Ohio, and finally living a life of survival at the hands of an abusive husband. Sadly, her story is too typical of women with good hearts and bad judgement. A pretty girl who has the whole world waiting for her by the early 1940s, with only a desire to live and experience a normal life. And to some day settle down, possibly as the wife of a good man, and to become a loving mother.
This is the second book by Rick Minerd. His first, "Life is a Jukebox" chronicled his careers as a radio announcer and a police officer. Rick is a retired Chief of Police and lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an author who shares real stories about real people. He has appeared on the nationally syndicated television program "America's Most Wanted" and on "CNN" and has been quoted in "Time Magazine", "News Week" "USA Today" and The New York Times during his career in law enforcement. His long radio career began as a Rock & Roll DJ in the early 1970s but he has also hosted an afternoon talk-show and worked as a reporter before becoming a cop.. Fusing his personal style of communication from both careers he hopes to draw from his many experiences to bring real stories to life. To write in a manner that brings the reader behind the scenes, away from the polished versions of stories told in other public forums. Often described as "rough around the edges" at times, Rick makes no apologies for his outspokeness, nor for his plain, everyday vocabulary.


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