The Brightness
The Brightness
Secrets of the Third Angel, and the Bridge at Kino Springs
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In a violation of our destiny, something is killing every one of us. The judge of ignorance has long sentenced every living being to death, has sentenced you, and I, all our ancestors, and our children to death. In a relentless holocaust, there are no survivors. Hope has not been enough to win an appeal, nor the visions of faith, nor the dream of justice and beauty, not even love. To the heartless judge of ignorance, these mean nothing. We will be saved in the end by knowledge. We will learn to overcome aging and death by engendering the noble and supreme intelligences. We will create the gods who will call us back to life, or we will not return at all. It is in our hands. It is time to inspire and begin the ultimate scientific, moral, and spiritual quest. The end of death.
I had turned, after the strong grip of his hand holding mine, his other hand clasping my shoulder, and taken perhaps half a dozen steps toward my car, when he called to me, smiling as he spoke. "Would you like to know?" he asked. "To go to that place of knowledge?" "Well then..," he seemed pleased, "meet me in the morning at daylight. A car will come to pick you up." -from the "Man on the Bridge", Chapter 7.
When the acclaimed writer, SM NONA, at the death bed of his father, asked for "powers of accompaniment," to be able to "look into the light"- something never to be done carelessly- he could not have imagined the ultimate journey which would transpire, or the friends who waited lovingly to greet him in that future "place of knowledge," where technology and human desire had vanquished death, and ushered in the glorious day of resurrection, fulfilling the dream of ages. Meet your loved ones in the "Dome of Sky".


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