The Dreamtaker
The Dreamtaker
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A savvy lieutenant takes a young marine in tutelage on his first tour. When his mentor leaves the sergeant assumes incorrectly that the next commanding officer is just as astute and lets him make a mistake that costs the lives of most of his men. After receiving new men Sergeant Dane takes command from an officer who is less than willing to be responsible, but his tactics kill innocent children. On his third assignment to Viet Nam Sergeant Dane attempts to maintain all control and risk. His concern for the safety of his men and innocent children enables him to accomplish something he had not imagined. He invades the dreams of a young village girl and commands her to follow his instructions. The young girl frightened by what has happened hides the children. The Viet Cong suspicious of her motives brand her as an outcast and change her life forever. She must find the American that invaded her dreams and destroy him so she will be able to return to her life. Lieutenant Thompson’s command had been emasculated by the sergeant. After the incident in the village he was able to get rid of the sergeant, although he never quit thinking of what had happened there. The lieutenant consequently left the Marines and returned to school where his interest in psychology revived what had happened in Viet Nam and brought the sergeant, the village girl and he all back together again to resolve what had started years earlier.
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Mr. Chad Burn has studied philosophy, history, law and ethics of different cultures to gain an understanding of what happens when cultures clash and each side believes in what they are doing and that the other side is wrong. Having served in the Marines during the Viet Nam War, his dad and mother both serving in the Navy during World War II gives him an unique perspective on how we come to war and what we think we are accomplishing. A strict realist Mr. Burn believes we must understand how and why we act on our beliefs on all levels of responsibility, and that our personal responsibility remains with us no matter how hard we try to give it away. A generous family man who will risk everything to protect the innocent, Mr. Burn believes in the morality of free choice.


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