The Bean Queen's Cookbook
The Bean Queen's Cookbook
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Since 1994 when Karen Hurd opened her nutritional practice, she knew that she would need to publish a cookbook at some point. As the consumption of legumes is a critical part of most every person’s plan for healing, the need for a bean cookbook became evident. There are other bean cookbooks that have been published; however, the use of sugar, molasses, honey, or other sweeteners are prolific in those recipes. These are additions that Karen could not endorse because they do not add but rather subtract from a person’s health.

At the request of her clients and in light of the need for a cookbook that gave innovative recipes that were unquestionably healthy, she began the process of creating a cookbook. Over 300 recipes have been created to bring you and your family great health by the eating of beans, one of our richest sources of soluble fiber. Appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, snacks, hummus and spreads, side dishes, and bean breads are all a part of this excellent work.

With confidence the reader of this recipe book will be able to make delicious food that is 100% good for them—no need to weed out questionable ingredients. The recipes are easy to follow and easy to make.

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Karen Hurd has been a nutritionist for two decades. She operates a private practice in Fall Creek, Wisconsin. Graduate of the American Academy of Nutrition, she is currently working towards her PhD in nutrition. Jeanne Hutchinson enjoys researching and developing recipes that are nutritious and taste great. She is a wife of thirty-four years, mother to five grown children, and grandmother to one adorable grandchild


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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