Dolphin and Manatee Friends End to End
Dolphin and Manatee Friends End to End
formerly Grant's Book of Manatees and Dolphins
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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This is the second book in a series. The previous book focused primarily on fishes, with two whale species. This one focuses on marine mammals, sea cows (mantees and dugongs) and seven species of dolphins world wide. It is essentially a tale of friendly encounters between these species (a little license is used here), showing a few of the great variety of dolphins and their relatives, from river dolphins to open ocean dolphins to shallow water dolphins. All animals are shown in real world ecosystems accompanied by the species they would share a habitat with (example dolphins, tuna, sardines, and shearwaters; or manatees, shrimp, sheepsheads, and snappers). At the end of the book is a review of each dolphin, sea cow, or fish, and an invitation for the read to (or reader) to find each dolphin, fish, and seacow in the pages of the book. Two of the dolphins are harder to find than the others! The pictures and story will get a smile from even the youngest or oldest audience, though it is fun for both reader and listener.
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Bryce L. Meyer is a graduate degreed biologist and engineer, outdoorsman, artist, and author, wildlife and nature photographer, and scientist. He has spent thousands of hours in the field and under the water, coast to coast. He is also likes to make his nieces and nephews smile :0)


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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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