Deep Etch I
Deep Etch I
Bacterial Art from the Titanic and other Deeps
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book introduces the reader to universes beyond our vision where the microbial artists live. DEEP ETCH I explore the art created primarily by bacteria feeding on the gelatin layers of color slide film. These artists can even create art works under extreme conditions such as in the deep ocean. Even the RMS Titanic, now reduced to a sad shell of her former glory is home to many bacterial artists working on color slide canvases at four kilometres down. This book contains 34 etchings made primarily by bacteria under different circumstances. Each etching is unique in the colors and patterns and tells a different story in the imaginations of each reader. DEEP ETCH I contains five chapters including an introduction, early etchings, meet the artists in bacteriology 101, more recent etchings, and finally etchings from a site undisturbed for 2,000 years. Each of the etchings is simply labelled as an image number. For readers who want to know more then appendix one gives descriptions. For those more interested in the science then appendix two sets the scene. DEEP ETCH I forms a gateway for the reader to microscopic universes where transient beauty lies captured within a color slide film.
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Roy Cullimore began a quest to explore microbial jungles while growing up in Oxford. To become an explorer Roy obtained degrees in agricultural microbiology. From then Roy followed the mandate of discover, invent and apply. Today two of Roy’s inventions are in common use. One of these, the BART™ test is used in industry to detect bacterial activities in water, soil, corroding steel, collapsing concrete along with slimes and stinks. In these meanderings, Roy has collected 800 etchings in his microbial art studios. Roy considers that bacteria are the best etch-artists but all of the microbes also play important roles!


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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