The Challenges of the Church in the 21st Century
The Challenges of the Church in the 21st Century
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The global Church in the 21st Century is confronted by a challenge as it enters the new critical hour in the spirit. Quality and sustainable leadership that reveres and honor godly values is slowly diminishing in the Church. This is due to falsity, compromise, greed and corruption that had subtly crept into the hearts of some of the Leaders or Shepherds. Subsequently God’s people become susceptible to the enemy’s attacks and plunder, thus never attaining to their full growth and potential in Jesus Christ.

This is that season where the leaders need to undergo a new leadership and structural adjustments, so as to position the Church to perform her end-time great exploits for the season. God is therefore placing a heavenly demand upon the quality of Church leadership and the definition of the Church globally. God also wants to see a new quality breed of Christians that will emerge in this last day. Christians, that will cause an irrevocable impact to the kingdom of darkness. Its not quantity but quality that God seeks.

Through this book the Father is exposing, redressing and blessing the Church with strategies for breakthrough.

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Larry Musa Ndlovu operates in the prophetic dimension. He has a calling and a mandate from God to prophesy, teach, empower and set free God’s people so that they attain their full potential in advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. He has founded the Kingdom Prophetic Institute which is based in Pinetown, South Africa. He is the Senior Pastor of Baal Perazim ministry. He is married to Nkosazana Ndlovu and together have son name Judah Siphosethu Ndlovu.


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