The Wizard's Sword
The Wizard's Sword
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The simple life of the cat-like erfin people is turned upside down when one curious erfin, Mirrortac, finds an old warrior’s sword in the woods. The sword leads to a meeting with an otherworldly stranger and a mission to save all the worlds from an encroaching evil. Mirrortac’s mission leads him across borders into other ‘worlds’ where he must battle the evils manifest in monstrous creatures, mysterious happenings and finally the source of all the evil – the sorceress and sorcerer of the other dimension world of Hopocus. Mirrortac learns that there is more to life than his own erfin world of Eol. It is a journey of body, mind and spirit filled with magic and wonder. His final meeting with the wizard, who sent the sword to him, sends him once more to the conclusion and most critical part of his mission.
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Paul Vander Loos was born in Brisbane in 1956. Following his love of writing into a profession as a journalist, he moved to the coastal regional city of Mackay, in Queensland, Australia, in 1985 after completing his Bachelor of Arts degree. He founded the Mackay-Pioneer Valley Arts Council Writers Group, was one of the founders of the Mackay Festival of Arts. He is now married to Brigida and has a daughter, Jemimah. Paul has had numerous articles published, and continues to write poetry while larger works wait to be penned. The Wizard's Sword is his first major work in publication.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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