Imagine Zoo
Imagine Zoo
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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A crew of 9 youngsters,are hosted by the animals in this imaginative zoo.

Animals roam free and interact with the children in shared games,rides,parades,music,hugs,balloon give-aways drinks and sightseeing.

Some animal friends engage in unusual activities--.Gorillas swing on tire swings,muskrats and snakes sunbathe,skunks and squirrels ride trains together,and kangaroos hand out seashells from their pouches.

All these antics go on in a spirit of laughter,caring and sharing.This book celebrates these values in verse that will delight Parents,teachers and most especially children just learning the social values of shared fun and learning from those different than themselves.

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Allan Magrath was a very successful marketing executive,educator and author of 6 business books prior to his retirement. Now retired,he has been inspired to write children’s books by his 3 young grandchildren,whom he reads to constantly ,and who love stories that excite their sense of humour and imagination. He is also a full-time professional artist whose works are featured in numerous galleries in his hometown of London Ontario Canada. Al hopes this book will be the first in a series about the adventures of these youngsters,in future. Michael Nesbitt-Illustrator. Mike is a young,award winning “short” filmmaker,graphic novel author,and illustrator-who brought Al’s verse to life despite some of the challenging high jinks performed in this Zoo.


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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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