The Turner E.A.G.L.E. Technique for Incarnation Centered Spirituality
The Turner E.A.G.L.E. Technique for Incarnation Centered Spirituality
A Five-Fold Path to Spiritual Wholeness
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This book is about an African American Spirituality that is rooted in the biblical doctrine of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. It also develops the biblical teachings of a spiritual discipline expressed in American Negro Spirituals. The enslaved Africans and African Americans who refused to be destroyed psychologically or spiritually by the dehumanizing conditions of slavery created these spirituals. This book examines the spiritual method they used. It develops and discusses this method as “The Turner EAGLE Technique, revealing an Incarnation Centered Spirituality, the fivefold path to wholeness” that melds Christian spirituality with the contemporary struggle for equality, social justice, freedom, and identity. This book also introduces major concepts of African American Theology rooted in the African American segment of the Church. However, this book is about a method to find the peace that seems to elude us. Even though, we call ourselves Christians, violence and decay are evident in our major African American communities. This book points out the paths to an inward journey, to find freedom, justice, and identity, through Embracing, Affection, Generating, Life, and Enlightenment. Moreover, through the same paths, you are shown how to begin to restore, heal and love, instead of destroying. This book is a guide for everyone who would like to regain wholeness and work to bring it to the Beloved Community. Its author has spent his lifetime thinking and studying the African American Experience as a pastor of predominantly African American Churches.
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Pastor Lee W. Turner is a dedicated minister of God. Ordained in 1956, Dr. Turner, earned his doctorate degree in Spiritual Theology from the Andersonville Baptist Seminary in Camilla, Georgia. Dr. Turner has pastored six churches over the course of his career. He has successfully led some of the churches in capital renovation and building campaigns also. He is the current pastor of the Greater New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas. Pastor Turner double majored in Biology and Mathematics as an undergraduate at Bishop College in Dallas. He taught Mathematics and Science in several jurisdictions, including Ferris and Dallas, Texas as well as Washington, D.C. He earned his M.L.A. in Religion and Philosophy from Southern Methodist University. Dr. Turner has served the community in numerous capacities. He is the current President of the Life of Victory Global Outreach Center, Inc. and he is a past president of the NAACP, Waxahachie, Texas. His interests include a passion in Incarnation Centered Spirituality, pastoring, teaching, and preaching. He is a voracious reader and a talented writer. In his spare time, he plays the alto recorder. In closing Dr. Turner is a gentle soft-spoken, man of God.


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