The Art of Filmmaking
The Art of Filmmaking
How to Make a Movie For Little or No Money
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book will teach you how to make a movie that won't break your bank account. Not only will it teach you how to make a movie for little or no money, but will teach you to potentially make a "box office hit" that won't require your first born, and two kidneys to do so. This book will take you through the whole process of filmmaking from Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. You'll learn all the key elements in which are forgotten that always cost more money in the long run then originally planned. If you are a first time filmmaker, seasoned professional, or just someone with a dream to make a movie one day, then this book will change your life.
Ask yourself if this is you? And if it is…you’re reading the right book. For too many years I’ve seen either filmmakers or non-filmmakers want to make a movie, but never end up accomplishing that dream. And for that reason I write to you, to show you that it’s not impossible! If you have never made a movie before, this is the book for you. If you have made a movie before, this also is a book for you. There are certain elements in filmmaking that make your movie happen. The first element is “money.” The second element is “no money.” So lets be honest for a minute. We all know that if you have money and a lot of it, you can pretty much do whatever you want when it comes to making a movie. But to be even more honest with yourself, the odds of you finding or having enough money to make a movie are pretty darn low. So, I’ll instruct you on how to make a movie for little or no money. I’ll go through every step and stage you should go through, so you can honestly take this book read from page one to the last and ultimately make your movie. I know…for some of you, the elements I’ll talk about you’ll already know. However, what I’ve found is; you may know about the element but you tend to forget about it, or forget to apply it. You see what happens is that as filmmakers, we tend to get attached to our project (which is great), but we also tend to let our emotions get in the way. So as a byproduct, we forget the simple things that can save us from disasters on all sorts of different levels. This is what I have learned from my experience. Avoid the disasters before you make your movie. All I know is that if I known these things when I was first starting out, my life could have been a whole lot different than it is now. Now, there are a few different things you should know if you’re committed to make this work for you. First, learn how to win and influence people. This is huge. If you can walk into a room full of people you don’t know and walk away with 80% of them wanting to be your friend…nothing can stop you from completing and fulfilling your dreams. This is called “charisma.” So if you currently walk into a room full of people, and you have an attitude that says this: “Here I am!” You’re in deep trouble. What might happen is, you make a movie or two, but any others after that will most likely never happen. Why? Simply because you’re inward thinking, which puts you in a bubble of self. People by nature don’t like listening to other people talk about themselves. They just want to talk about… “Themselves.” Thus, the only way to walk out of a room full of people you don’t know, and have at lest 80% of them want to follow right behind you is; with the attitude that says this: “There you are!” This is your key. Other people. Make them feel like a million dollars and they’ll make you a million dollars (metaphorically speaking, or in some cases very true). You need to treat the people on the bottom like they’re on top. Encourage them, feed them with words that are uplifting, believe in their dreams, and do whatever you can to make that happen for them. What I am trying to tell you is, think of other people first, and then your turn will come back double-fold or more. Before you dig into this book, here’s what we’ll be discussing. I’ll be breaking the book into 3 stages (which is a universal stage break down in film), Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Are you ready? Are you ready to commit? If you are, lets make it happen together. If not put the book down and don’t waste your time. But more importantly, if you don’t follow the proper steps laid out within, you’ll waste other people’s time. Remember, think of other people and always remind yourself that you are making a movie for little or no money.
Director/Producer/Writer JAMIE RAUCH is a motivated, creative, and determined filmmaker who is driven to make the stories he writes come to life on the screen. Jamie has been producing and directing independently since 1994 and owned his first production company at the early age 14, and went on to seeing significant success by the age of 17. Since selling his company to his partner, he has been professionally trained in acting and writing. Jamie has helped train young actors for Juilliard, and one of the top rated B.A. programs in Canada highly complemented his theory on “Characterization.” Jamie is sought after on a continuous basis to help produce films on all different levels. Jamie currently lives in Vancouver BC, Canada with his wife Mandy and his two children.


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