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Many books have already been written about crystals, so why is another book on crystals needed? On close scrutiny you will find that most of these books have a very similar theme, covering mainly information regarding individual properties of crystals, what they mean, how to choose, clean and (always!) how to discover your personal birthstone. All of this is very important, but in this book, I would suggest that you view crystals and their properties from a different perspective. Having 'lived' crystals for well over twenty years, as well as teaching crystal therapy for over fourteen years, I would like to share some of my personal experiences with crystals. Be forewarned: you may find these somewhat unusual!

Having introduced hundreds of students to Crystal Healing, one fact has become clear. Not only do the crystals have a healing effect, but there are subtle personal changes which take place in students and therapists when working closely with crystals. I have personally witnessed this phenomenon again and again. In addition to regaining wellness in the physical body, it has been amazing to observe how crystals can positively affect spiritual growth. These transformational effects, which crystals often bring about, are seldom acknowledged and deserve mentioning. My experience is that these changes usually occur when working with crystals with an attitude of respect, knowledge, integrity and conscious intent; and it has been a great joy to see this happening in many of my students whilst they attend the crystal therapy course that I teach.

Crystals are very powerful tools and their energy has the capacity to bring about remarkable 'wake-up-calls'. From the moment anybody sincerely starts working with crystals, changes happen! It almost appears as if certain crystals have been waiting in the wings to jump in at the appropriate time to assist the student on the evolutionary path in the most subtle and imaginative ways.

In this book, I am encouraging you to open your awareness to some lesser-known methods of working with crystals, which may affect your life in a positive way, as well as that of other people and the environment! Living in this time of great change on both global and personal levels requires adaptation to adjust to this 'new' world. In spite of the daily disasters we see on T.V. and read in newspapers, it is important to remain positive and confident that the eventual outcome of this change will be a better and more caring world - but first we have to get there! Meantime, each of us can contribute much in our own individual way to accelerate the process for good. You do not necessarily have to be a therapist to do this. Each of us can contribute so much in our individual way; be it by sending out healing thoughts to people and animals or by helping the environment on an energetic or practical level. When we send out these thoughts with the help of the crystals, results may be achieved twice as quickly. It is my wish that this book will create a greater understanding of the help crystals can offer you personally in many different ways to ease your personal life's journey. Having been fortunate to observe this at first hand in my students, I know it works!

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The author is Dutch-born Lettie Vantol, daughter of healers, and a pioneer in the field of Crystal Therapy. Her energy awareness together with her abiding love of crystals, led her to investigate their healing properties for the service of mankind. After initial study in France she continued her research and in 1992 founded the Vantol College of Cystal Therapy in Surrey, of which she is the principal. The college, whose students come from all parts of the globe, continues to contribute many fine practitioners to the field of crystal therapy.

Lettie is a founder member and Chairperson of CHF (the Crystal and Healing Federation), and BCH (British Crystal Healers) and lectures regularly in the US and Europe.



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