Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox
Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox
A Guide for People with Ear Noise
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Written by a clinical audiologist with over 20 years experience, Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox is a great resource for people with tinnitus (ear noise). The author also has tinnitus, and has used treatment tools to go from severe tinnitus distress to coping well. Many people with tinnitus also have hearing loss or sound sensitivity (hyperacusis). Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox describes a wide range of traditional and alternative treatment approaches and coping strategies. Information is based on scientific research review as well as the author's personal and clinical experience.

Whether people are interested in self-management techniques and devices or formal therapy approaches, Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox covers current treatment options along with examples, guidelines and case studies. There are specific chapters on sleep, hearing protection and hearing loss management. People can use this book to select tools for their own treatment toolbox depending on what speaks most directly to their individual needs. Audiologists, tinnitus specialists, counselling specialists and ear specialists will also find Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox a useful companion to their work with clients. By using effective treatment tools, people can live without distress and cope well. www.tinnitustreatmenttoolbox.com

 Introduction                                                                      How We Hear                                                                     Sound Conduction (Outer And Middle Ear)                     Sound Input (Inner Ear)                                                   Sound Processing (The Brain)                                     How We Hear Tinnitus                                                        Tinnitus Existence                                                           Tinnitus Persistence                                                     Tinnitus Grievance                                                        Sound Sensitivity                                                          Changing Reactions                                                   Tinnitus Evaluation                                                            Interview                                                                       Hearing Assessment     Tinnitus Assessment      Sound Sensitivity Assessment     Education And Reassurance Counselling   Treatment Planning     Medical Treatment      Tinnitus Treatment      Sound Sensitivity Treatment   Hearing Loss Management      Hearing Aid Benefi ts      Hearing Aid Styles      Hearing Aid Technology      Fitting And Trial Period      Hearing Aid Care      Communication Strategies      Assistive Listening Devices   Sound Enrichment      Just Don’t Listen To It      Relaxation Sound Enrichment      Distraction Sound Enrichment      Sound Machines And Devices      Formal Sound Therapy      Sleep Sound Enrichment      Sound Enrichment Plan   Mind Enrichment     Just Don’t Think About It      Formal Counselling Therapy     Cognitive Mind Enrichment      Distraction Mind Enrichment      Relaxation Mind Enrichment      Imagination Mind Enrichment      Mind Enrichment Plan  Body Enrichment     Exercise      Diet      Healthy Lifestyle   Sleep Management      Sound Enrichment      Mind Enrichment      Body Enrichment      Prescription Drugs      Sleep Disorder Treatment      Sleep Management Plan   Hearing Protection Management      Noise      Chronic Noise Hazard      Acute Noise Hazard      Music Hazard      Everyday Noise      Hearing Protection      Amount Of Sound Reduction      Pattern Of Sound Reduction      Electronic Sound Reduction     Communication Systems      Noise Cancellation      Sleep Protection     Sound Sensitivity      Hearing Protection Plan   Caring For Tinnitus      Just Learn To Live With It     Acceptance      Intensive Care      Ongoing Care      Flare-Up Care   Selecting A Care Provider      Experience     Kindness      Time      Hope      Summary   Alternative Approaches   Future Hope   Conclusion   About The Author   Definitions   Resources   Bibliography
J. L. Mayes is a Registered Audiologist with the British Columbia College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals. She specializes in workplace noise-induced and trauma related hearing loss and tinnitus. She makes her home in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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